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As event planners/destination management professionals you need not look further than Cajun Treats for your welcoming gifts, amenities, handouts, speaker appreciation gifts and centerpieces. We will take that stress off your shoulders to any degree you wish, leaving more time for the other critical decisions that have to be made.

Our commitment to you: We will conference with you during the design stage until we have a meeting of the minds and are certain of what you want to accomplish. We do all the product research, establish the hotels involvement (such as room delivery), delivery arrangements, all the while keeping you in the loop (we invite you to review the New England Journal of Medicine testimonial in the testimonial section).

If you are a hands-on person with the time and staff to assemble the project, ask us about our Red-E-Pak program. Your cost savings would be 30%.

Whether you are wanting area specific, theme specific or just plain fabulous gifts, let Cajun Treats make you look great!

Remember the following:
Your budget will never be broken
We are your hired hands without the problems attached
Larger projects can be done onsite
Everything is custom-made with you/your clients in mind
100% guarantee
Our only job is to make you look great!!!

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